5 Closet Organizer Kit Recommended

Do you want to clean out your closet? Are you fed up with not being able to find anything? If you don’t know what to do, you might want to buy a closet organization kit. These kits come with everything you need to start and finish the project with ease.

You can do it yourself with simple tools that most of us have at home, like a drill, screws, nails, a hammer, and a good level. Once your closet organizer kit is set up, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

closet organizer kit

You can buy closet organizers individually, but a kit will save you money. You’ll also get all of the brackets and installation tools you need to do the job right. A closet organizer kit is a great way to get items that go well together and make your closet look nice, as well as use all the empty space you don’t have a use for right now.

To make installing a closet organizer kit easier, look for one that is mostly put together and needs little assembly. Look for organizer kits that can be changed. Most need wall studs to hold the screws and nails in place. Installing wall anchors will let you use a closet organizer kit even if you don’t have studs. Make sure you get the right kind of closet organization kit for your closet. Some are designed for a certain size of closet or a walk-in closet.

With wardrobe kits, you can create a large storage system that fits your life and needs. We tried and looked at many different models and brands to narrow down our choices. Because it works so well, the Rubbermaid Classic Custom Closet Configuration Storage Kit is our top pick right now.

However, several other Storage Kits can also be an option, some of which are as follows:

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit

closet kits organizerWith Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits, you can get the most out of the space you have. This 3- to 6-foot closet kit comes with shelves and rods that can be adjusted to make the most of the space and help you stay more organized.

When set up, you can get up to 12 feet of shelf space and up to 10 feet of hanging space. Installation is easy, and you don’t have to cut anything, so you can make a closet that fits your needs quickly and easily. This closet set has shelves that are 26 inches wide and 36 inches wide. It also has 36-inch top rails, 10 brackets, 47.5-inch uprights, and hang rods.

2. ClosetMaid 55300 Closet Maximizer

ClosetMaid closet kits organizerWith ClosetMaid’s new closet maximizer, you can make your closet better in less than 30 minutes without making any holes or taking out any shelves. The Closet Maximizer is 53 inches wide and has a removable double hang rod. It works well in both small hall closets and large closets.

Increase the number of double-hang rods in your master closet. The Closet Maximizer has four strong, round wood shelves (9.5 feet of total shelf space). perfect for putting away purses, shoes, belts, ties, and folded clothes.

The width of the double hang rod can be changed, and the height of the whole system can be changed to fit your needs. The tool-free solution securely clips to a wire or wood hang rod but is simple to remove if you want to use it in another closet.

It works with most wire shelving hang rod systems (with a diameter of about 5/16″) and plank and pole systems (with a diameter of about 1 1/4″). The Closet Maximizer is great for renters who need a solution for their home that can be used more than once. The sturdy, rounded wood shelves and metal accents in the modern design make any closet look better.

3. Honey-Can-Do Freestanding Open Wardrobe WRD-02350

honey closet kits organizerPut down that sledgehammer and move away from the drywall. With this open-closet wardrobe that stands on its own, any wall can be turned into a closet without a building permit. The 34-inch garment rod hangs high enough for maxi dresses, suits, and your coziest onesies.

Four wire basket shelves and two flat shelves on either side of the closet bar can hold your bags, hats, and other items. The length of the closet is made up of two more shelves with slats at the bottom and top. And the closet system is high enough off the ground that you can slide boxes or shoes under it.

4. ClosetMaid 1608 Closet Organizer Kit with Shoe Shelf

ClosetMaid 1608 closet kits organizerThe ClosetMaid 5-foot to 8-foot Fixed Mount Closet Organizer Kit is made to help you make the most of your space. It has strong, well-ventilated steel shelves that keep your clothes fresh.

It can fit in spaces that are 5 to 8 feet wide, and it comes with all the hardware you need to set it up. The kit comes with wire shelves, shoe shelves, support posts, closet rods, closet rod supports, brackets, and shelf caps.

A traditional wall-mounted closet storage and organizer system that is 5 to 8 feet long has 9 feet of space for hanging clothes, 10 feet of space for general storage, and 3 feet of space for shoes. To make things easier and more useful, the shoe storage is located beneath the long hang storage.

This is a great closet organizer for those who want to save money and get a lot for their money. great for closets that are 5 to 8 feet wide and easy to reach.

5. Rubbermaid Expandable Closet Shelf Kit

Rubbermaid Expand closet kits organizerThis 2–4-foot kit comes with shelves and rods that can be adjusted to fit any size closet. It was made to help you organize your things and make the most of the space you have. The Rubbermaid Expandable Closet Shelf Kit is part of the Configurations line, which has done well in tests and research done by The Spruce.

This set of shelves, rods, and racks can be put together to make either a tall, thin 24-inch storage tower or a shorter, wider 48-inch one. We love how versatile this set is and think it would work well in linen closets, laundry rooms, and bedroom closets that need more shelving but don’t want it to be too much.

Anyone who can use simple power tools and follow step-by-step instructions can put together a closet organization kit. Some closet organization kits are harder to put together than others. Make sure you get one that you can put together. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the option you choose, get someone with more experience to do it for you or help you.

Putting together a closet organizer kit is easier if you have a helper who can hold the organizer pieces in place while you put them together. They can help you make sure everything is level and run inside to get any tools you forgot to bring with you. If you are working with heavy wood, it will be much easier if you have an extra pair of hands.

If you have trouble putting together your closet organization kit, you can call the customer service number listed in the instructions. They can answer all of your questions. They may also have a website that can help you. You can look on the Internet for answers to specific questions about installation and for tips on how to make installing our closet organizer kit as easy as possible.

You can buy closet organizer kits online, at any store that sells home improvement supplies, or at most retail stores. You will be amazed at how much space a closet organization kit will give you. Most people are happy with how things turn out. They don’t think of opening their closet as a chore, but rather as an exciting adventure. Check out the different closet organizer kits you can buy at a home improvement store, online, or by asking a store for a free catalog.