Bali Map to Guide You in Various Areas in the Island

When talking about Indonesia, people will initially relate it to Bali. It’s very reasonable as Bali is known as a tourism capital of the country. Millions of tourists from all over the world will visit the island every year and thus bring the biggest tourism income for this country.

Bali Map

Bali Map

Many of these tourists fell in love with Bali and planned to visit the island again anytime soon because of its indescribable beauty and never ending entertainment.

If you want to visit Bali too, the first thing that you should have is a bali map. It’s so that you know which areas to visit during your stay in the island.

You won’t get bored while in there as the attractions are infinite. This article will guide you through each part of Bali worth visiting. Make sure to plan your visit and allocate enough time to explore that places that will be mentioned in this article.

Bali Map Can Help To See Areas that You Should Visit in Bali

There are many areas in Bali that you should never miss when you visit the place. By using a bali map, you can easily visiting these places in sequence so that no place will be missed. As you arrive in Ngurah Rai airport, be sure to make the most out of every area you visit as each place has its own unique attraction that you will love.

The first areas that should be on your top priority while in Bali is Nusa Dua. It’s an exclusive area in Bali with a very beautiful beach. It’s a resort and very close to the airport so you can visit it as soon as you are in Bali. Although the services here are quite pricey, they all will be worth it as you also get the best holiday experience in the world.

You can have a wonderful spa and beauty treatment that will relax your bones and muscles after a long hours’ flight in this place with the local massage techniques. Not only that, you also can scuba dive in this resort and witnessing the beauty of Bali’s underwater.

The second area that you also should not miss is Seminyak. It’s a high end spot too in Bali where you can shop designers’ stuff and eat delicious foods from all over the world. The beach in Seminyak is also very popular for its beauty but with less tourists. So, you will have a more secluded holiday while staying in there. Definitely a perfect getaway from a busy life schedule in the city.

Then, if art and culture are your interest, you can visit the third recommended place called Ubud. It is the center for any cultural activities and artworks for years and you can see that it is full with tourists that want to witness Bali’s captivating cultural values. You will find beautiful paintings and sculptures from local artists of Bali here.

If a spiritual journey is what you’re after, the fourth place must be your top priority, Tanah Lot. It is where you will find some of Bali’s most beautiful and historical temples located. The temples are all in unique architecture so you too can admire the beauty of ancient Balinese people’s stone carving tradition that’s still last until now. Keep in mind that to enter this place you must wear a scarf as part of the tradition.

Lastly, the fifth place is Kuta. It’s no secret that any tourists visiting Bali must be, at some point, reaching this place. It has anything Bali has to offer. It has the beach, it has the sunset and sunrise, it has the tasty foods both local and international, and all come within various price ranges so you can adjust it to your budget.

By visiting all the areas mentioned above, you can say that you have explored most parts of Bali. Although there are still some more that you also should visit, if your time is limited, the five places mentioned will be just about enough to grasp the beauty of Bali.

Prepare Your Visit to Bali

Because Bali is an island where its income is mostly from tourism, you won’t find a hard time reaching the place. There are some advices though so your trip to the place will be more convenient. Firstly, make sure to set your budget. Some areas in Bali have extremely different price ranges. If you are a budget traveler, never plan to get the accommodation in Nusa Dua or Seminyak as there everything tend to be pricier.

Secondly, if it’s your first time visiting Bali, joining a tour is not a bad idea. You can get a better deal when visiting commercial attractions that require you to pay. With a tour package, you might get a discount for each of this place.

Thirdly, and the last one, if you are more of a free and adventurous traveler, always prepare anything beforehand such as the hotel reservation and the money. In doing this, your holiday won’t be interrupted by unnecessary events like fully booked hotels or running out of cash. And, always keep bali map in your bag just in case.