Recommended Books

The Lost Book of Remedies - The Lost Book of Remedies is a physical or digital book that details wild, natural plants and their uses and functions for overall human health. Generally, the book is an encyclopedia that gives the details of each natural plant, its description, functions, and proper usage so people can find alternative treatments.

Overlooked Survival Foods

Overlooked Survival Foods

More than 100 survival foods that people don't think to look for are in this list. This lost survival food knowledge is so well organized that even people who have never cooked or stockpiled can use it. There are a lot of colorful pictures to show you how to do everything, and there are also clear, step-by-step instructions.

Diabetes For Dummies

With diabetes now a global epidemic, there have been a lot of big changes in this field since the book Diabetes For Dummies was still around.

Cookbook and Meal Plan for the Newly Diagnosed Diabetic

If you have diabetes, the first thing you should be aware of and educate yourself about is what diabetic meals are. As a result, as is customary, I attempt to provide guidance or references through my writing here, particularly for those of you who are experiencing difficulties and seeking solutions. Please focus first on completing the article that we wrote specifically for th

Ideas for Making Money Online During the Corona Pandemic

If not enought money in corona pandemic is your current problem, then many people recommend Work From Home Ideas as one of the ways that can be done to resolve the not enought money in corona pandemic. [DAFTARISI] For that, below I try to share information and references about the Work From Home Ideas. Maybe our writing below can help you, at least through the referen