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Carpet Repair - You decide how often you need to fix your carpet. Burns, dents, fading, furniture, bleeding, sprouting, and carpet beetles are all signs that you need to do something. Most of the time, you don't need a professional to finish a carpet repair job. However, there are times when you will need help from a professional. Burns When a cigarette butt or flame touches the carpet, burns can happen. If the burn is small, you can use scissors to cut out the burned carpet fibers. If the burn is big, you'll need to get a new piece of carpet for that area. You can do this yourself if you know how, or you can hire an installer. Fuzzing This happens when fibers from the edges of the carpet stick out. Just cut off the fibers that are sticking out to fix this. Furniture Marks When heavy furniture is moved, it can leave marks on the carpet. To get rid of these ugly stains, sprinkle some club soda on the carpet, put a towel over the spot, and iron it. If you do this a few times, your carpet will start to get fluffy again. Shading, Crushing, and Mating When a lot of people walk on the surface of the carpet, it flattens, which can make some types of carpet look like they are shaded. If this happens, you should clean the area with a brush and a vacuum. If you can't figure out how to fix the problem, you may need to hire a professional, since this can be hard to do. Shedding and Snagging Shedding happens when the carpet is used, because the fibers rise to the surface. This is not a problem with the way the product was made. You'll need to vacuum the area to fix it. The snags, on the other hand, are pieces of carpet that have come loose from the surface. They will happen more often on carpets with loop pile than on carpets with cut pile. You should never pull them off. Instead, you should use scissors to cut them off in a neat way. Sprouting A carpet is only said to have sprouts if it has tufts that are longer than the rest. Since pulling on them will only hurt the carpet more, you should cut them off with scissors and even them out with the rest of the pile. Electricity From The Air This depends on the type of carpet, how it is made, and how it is padded. Humidity will be important because the carpet fibers absorb moisture from the air. A humidifier will help to keep the moisture in the air, and you can also spray an anti-static agent on the surface of the carpet. Carpet Beetles Carpet beetles are easiest to get rid of with a strong vacuum suction. You should never stack things, and you shouldn't let food sit on the surface of the carpet. Carpet beetles are very annoying because they eat wool, hair, hides, fur, grain, seeds, and flour. If there are a lot of bugs in the carpet, you should hire a professional cleaner. Bleeding or Falling Apart Bleeding is when the color moves from one part of the carpet to another. Some bleeding can be stopped by using good underlayments. Crocking, on the other hand, is when rubbing a carpet causes it to lose its color. To avoid this, just keep your carpet from getting wet. If you do a good job installing your carpet, it can help you worry about repairs a lot less. You can also call a professional, whose services are often much cheaper than replacing the whole carpet.

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