Christmas Craft Utilizing Beads and Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners and acrylic beads are two of the cheapest and most common crafting materials, and they can be used to make incredibly lovely and simple Christmas ornaments. They have the appearance of being extremely difficult to make, but in reality, even young children can do it.

Christmas Craft Idea

Christmas CraftsOne Christmas craft idea that can be used year after year is presented here. This Christmas activity, which can be modified to create a variety of sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree, will be fun to do for individuals of all ages, including senior citizens.

You will need acrylic beads and regular pipe cleaners in the colors of your choice in order to make the ornaments made from the pipe cleaners and beads. There are two distinct kinds of beads that perform exceptionally well when strung on pipe cleaners.

Beads of this variety go by a few different names, including sunburst beads, paddlewheel beads, snowflake beads, and starburst beads, among others. These beads have a stringing hole in the middle, which is surrounded by six faceted paddles that are equally placed around the center.

When several of these sunburst beads are strung sequentially, they create an interlocking pattern since they fit against each other and are the same size.

The tribead, also known as the propeller bead, is the other variety of bead that can be utilized successfully for this Christmas craft. The stringing hole is surrounded by three circular bumps that are spaced evenly apart. When strung sequentially, the tri beads, much like the sunburst beads, create an interlocking pattern.

Get tri beads and/or sunburst beads in translucent colors of red, green, and clear for the Christmas ornaments that will sparkle the most and seem the most appealing. This Christmas activity can also be done with metallic gold and silver tri beads, which can be found in a variety of colors and are just as usable.

There is chenille available in every color of the rainbow, as well as silver and gold tinsel in pipe cleaners. Metallics and traditional Christmas hues make excellent choices for the crafting of Christmas-themed items. The pipe cleaners are hidden by the beads, but in order for them to be seen, their ends will need to be twisted together and fashioned into hangers.

Pipe cleaners and these beads can be strung together by anyone, including very young toddlers. To prevent the beads from coming loose at the end of the pipe cleaner, bend it up. Because it functions similarly to a needle, the pipe cleaner eliminates the need for a needle.

When it comes to getting the greatest results, demonstrate to the children how to switch between colors as they string, or get them started on a pattern with three colors. After the beads have been threaded onto the pipe cleaners, the string can be manipulated to form a variety of Christmas-themed forms.

For instance, alternate red and clear beads while stringing them onto the pipe cleaner. Then, to create the shape of a candy cane, bend down one end of the pipe cleaner.

You may also make a circle with the beads, alternating between red and green, to make a wreath. To complete the look of the wreath, fashion a bow out of a single red pipe cleaner. Either fashion a hook for the Christmas project or simply drape the circular over a branch of the tree to display it.

Experimenting with transparent beads and silver pipe cleaners might result in the creation of some lovely ornaments in the shape of snowflakes or stars. Decorations in the shape of snowflakes can be created with simple silver pipe cleaners and no beads for a straightforward look that is yet lovely.

A Christmas craft that you will find yourself using year after year is making ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads. This Christmas craft is very easy to do, yet it looks so gorgeous! Both the children and their parents will love it.


Pipe cleaners and acrylic beads can be used to make very pretty and easy-to-make Christmas ornaments. When strung on pipe cleaners, there are two kinds of beads that look great. This Christmas craft works best with trinkets or sunburst beads, which fit together in a pretty pattern.

There are silver and gold tinsel pipe cleaners, as well as all different colors of chenille. Metallics and Christmas colors are the best colors to use for Christmas crafts. Pipe cleaners are covered with beads, but the ends need to be twisted together.