Create a Mural Art Project for a Group

The majority of craft ideas are aimed toward certain people, whether they are children or adults. You might want to have a craft project that can be completed by a group of children working together.Making a mural as a group is an excellent concept for a group activity. By collaborating, you will be able to create something that will be used to beautify a common space.

Mural Art

Mural ArtIt is possible to paint or apply a mural directly to a wall, ceiling, or other permanent substrate, although this is not recommended. Fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage are some of the mural techniques available.

When displaying crafts, it is possible to use individual things, but a single unique piece is frequently more effective than a bunch of items that are nearly alike. Furthermore, whether we like it or not, sometimes children’s crafts just end up as clutter when they are brought home, and it doesn’t take long until Mom tosses them out. Making a group mural is a craft project that may be displayed for several weeks without becoming a source of clutter in anyone’s home.

Freezer paper is the most basic material for a mural created by a children’s group. Freezer paper is approximately 18 inches wide and is quite durable. One side has a plastic coating on it. That is the side of the container that is intended to be put against food. If you want to have more success with that, you can draw on and glue things onto the other side of the paper.

Murals created by a class or group might include a variety of different design elements. If you want to get creative, you may prepare some finger paint and have the kids make hand prints (or even foot prints!) on the paper. If you want to let them go through old magazines and color catalogs for pictures they like, you may give them scissors and glue and let them cut the pictures out and glue them on themselves.

Markers, crayons, and gel pens can be used to add scribbles, doodles, signatures, slogans, and photos to their work. In addition, they can use stickers to decorate the mural. This craft concept is really adaptable.

Select a topic for the mural that has some connection to the group in some way before beginning work on it. If the group is made up of girl scouts, for example, and they have been learning how to camp, the mural could include depictions of camping equipment and other items. If you’ve been studying dinosaurs, you may use them as a theme for your project.

If you want a really messy craft that turns out to be a cute fall mural, create a batch of finger paint in autumnal hues. Each child can create a tree by first painting their forearms with brown paint and then sticking them together. After that, they placed their arms on the paper to form the trunk of the tree, which they then cut out. They should spread out their fingers so that their arm print has five short branches at the very top of the print.

Using various fall hues of paint, the youngsters create fingerprints all over the top of the tree, which will serve as the tree’s leaves. When making finger paint, you can make it simpler to clean off the children’s arms by adding a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the mix before mixing it. Make certain that they have old garments or smocks to use for this creative project.

A mural with an animal theme is something that preschoolers will enjoy creating. In order to begin, you should probably search for and cut out animal-themed magazine photographs, and then let the children choose the ones they want to glue down.

Glue sticks are a convenient tool to use with young children. Some of the photographs will be reversed and pasted upside down. Expect it and do not chastise them for it. The process is critical to this craft idea because it is what makes it unique.

Additionally, the youngsters can stamp animals on the mural with animal cookie cutters that have been dipped in finger paint. It may be necessary to tape the paper to the table in order to prevent it from sliding about while the children are working.

A quilt based on a theme is a more complicated version of this craft idea that adults frequently create. Each member of the club develops a quilt square that represents a different facet of what the group stands for and believes in.

These quilt squares can be embellished with fabric pens or made with patchwork or appliqué techniques, as desired. Once again, the goal of the craft is to foster collective togetherness rather than to highlight the superior abilities of one artist over another. When the quilt top is finished, it can be worked on as a collaborative effort to bind it and quilt it together. It might be hung in a prominent location or given to a leader or member who has done something exceptional.


A good idea for a group of kids is to make a mural together. A mural made by a group of kids starts with freezer paper. Choose a theme that has something to do with the group, like Girl Scouts or dinosaurs. There are many different ways to decorate a class or group mural. Kids in preschool will enjoy making an animal-themed mural.

Adults often make more complicated versions of this craft idea. One example is a quilt with a theme. You can use fabric pens to color these quilt squares or use patchwork or applique to make them into something else.