Dr. Gundry Diet

Last but not least is the Gundry diet. This diet program is also seen as effective to help people lose their weight quickly in a relatively short period of time. Get to know more about the diet program here.

What Is Dr. Gundry Diet Actually?

Dr. Gundry DietGundry diet or often called lectin-free diet is created by Dr. Steven Gundry. Before focusing on food and supplement-based medicine, Dr. Gundry is was a former heart surgeon.

Lectins which are identified as a type of protein found in the human body are known to have both positive and negative health impacts. They affect human health in many ways include chronic diseases and digestive diseases.

When plant foods contain lectin are eaten raw, it will cause digestive problems. Meanwhile, the lectin found in red kidney beans will cause people to experience diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea if the foods are eaten uncooked.

Dr. Gundry also sees lectins as the hidden danger found in most diet plans followed by American people. He then wrote a book explained about the Gundry diet he developed as well as complete information on how to prevent lectins.

The book also contains information about alternative recipes and food choices to avoid lectins. Dr. Gundry believes that the lectin-free diet will help people to live a healthier life as well as eliminate extra fats from their body. The diet plan also includes various supplements developed by Dr. Gundry.

The Benefits of Lectin-Free Diet

The Gundry diet comes with a lot of benefits that the dieters can enjoy. Some studies reveal that lectins are dangerous and they can lead people to experience inflammation.

They can give a negative influence on human’s immune system by increasing inflammation. The protein is also often associated with several autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and celiac disease.

In addition, long-term inflammation also contributes to many serious health problems in the future include cancer, heart disease, and depression. Limiting the consumption of foods contain lectins as suggested by this diet plan can be one of the best ways to reduce inflammation.

So, conducting the lectin-free diet will help you to avoid a lot of chronic diseases that can harm your health in the future.

In addition, a lot of researches also show that lectins will make it easier for toxins or bacteria to enter od human’s gut barrier. This will cause an upset stomach and harm your digestive system. Avoiding lectins from your daily menu will make your digestive system healthier.