Dubrow Diet

Another diet type that becomes people’s favorite is the Dubrow diet. Being introduced by Dr. Therry and Heather Dubrow, the followers of the diet increases rapidly.

What is Dubrow Diet?

Dubrow DietDubrow diet or often referred to as Interval Diet targets on people’s metabolism to train their body to boost fat burning through an intermittent fasting plan. Unlike most diet types, this Interval diet doesn’t require micronutrient or calories counting.

Instead, the diet focuses on three simple aspects of eating, they are WHAT, WHEN, and HOW MUCH. “What” refers to how much food you consume, while “When” refers to the importance to keep your stomach empty for 12 up to 16 hours each day.

In other words, the followers of this diet plan are required to fast in a certain period of time. Meanwhile, “How Much” refer to the number of foods consumed outside the fasting time.

What makes the intermittent fasting in this interval diet more unique compared to other approaches is that it does not only cause the followers to lose extra fat faster but also activate your cells ability in anti-aging.

What to Eat?

The foods allowed to consume in this diet plan are divided into 3 stages, they are:

A. Phase 1
The first phase in the Interval diet is called “Red Carpet Ready” which lasts for 2 to 5 days. During the first phase, the followers of the diet will be required to do fasting for about 16 hours with “refuel” time for about 8 hours. In this first phase of the diet, the foods that are suggested to consume include 2 healthy fat servings, 1 small fruit serving, ½ oz seeds or nuts, 3 cups non-starchy vegetables.

B. Phase 2
This second phase is called “Summer is Coming”. This phase should be followed until the dieters reach their goal weight. Meanwhile, the intermittent fasting suggested is about 12 to 16 hours depends on how fast you want to lose weight. Just like in the first phase, in this “Summer is Coming” phase, the dieters are suggested to consume the same foods. One thing that differentiates those two phases is the more amount of healthy fats and carbs consumed.

C. Phase 3
The third phase of this Dubrow diet is called “Look Hot While Living Like a Human”. In this phase, the followers of the diet should complete 12 hours of fasting for 5 days a week plus 16 hours of fasting for 2 days. Meanwhile, the food options suggested are the same as the first and second phase. A cheat meal is allowed in this phase.