Nice and comfortable sleep, that’s what most people will have in mind when it comes to take a rest at their home. It may sound simple, but it is indeed what you should get for the best living. In this case, the mattress which is used will be what affects it the most.

IKEA MattressMany options of mattress are out there and ready to be chosen. However, in term of giving nice and comfortable sleeping, of course not just any of them will do. Those with innerspring can become a choice.

They offer the comfort of sleeping and they are popular as well to show how well they work, but they may not the best as well. Take a look for better mattress from the list, those of latex such as ikea latex mattress is on the top list for customer satisfaction. So, why not take closer look at it.

About IKEA Latex Mattress

Just like latex mattress in general, the IKEA latex mattress provides advantages of natural as well as quicker shapes shifting to match your body when you are sleeping. While most latex mattresses are said to not be able to shape themselves to the user’s body, that’s not quite true to latex mattress from IKEA.

The latex mattress from IKEA provides high precision of support on this. It is able to shapes itself to yield to the body pressure points better, or in other words better cushion movement.

When compared to other types of mattress from the same manufacturer, the latex mattress still stand on top of the others. It might be similar to that of IKEA memory foam mattress, yet it is different. The latex mattress is lighter and get mild spring in it, on which gives it better cushion movement.

All of IKEA latex mattresses got letter E as the start of their name, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to tell which one is it. ENGENES, ERJFORD, ELFJORD, EDSELE, etc, all of them are latex mattress of IKEA. And if you ask for recommendation, the EDSELE may worth your consideration. The EDSELE is made of top quality latex, on which make it one of the premier latex of IKEA.

IKEA Latex Mattress Review

You may now wonder, what people who have tried IKEA latex mattress said about the product. After all, what customer say will be most likely to be what you can take account to when it comes to review. For that reason, below are some aspects which are reviewed in unbiased manner based on actual customer experience.

1. Price / Affordability

With price ranges of $430 to $1200, it can’t be denied that the latex model of IKEA is cheap and affordable. If you wonder how it can be, here are several reasons for it:

In overall, the mattresses from tend to get bellow average thickness

Several models use low performing and low cost Bonell coil design

The often use of synthetic and dunlop-processed latex to avoid the use of natural and talalay-processed latex which is more expensive

Many that have tried latex model of IKEA say that the bed they get is worth the value of the money they pay. However, that’s not all of them. About 20% of them say that it is simply “cheap”. The reason for that might be because of the durability and longevity which is average in overall.

2. No Hot Sleeping

While most latex mattress are said to keep the user to sleep in warmth or heat, many customers said that IKEA latex mattress is different. They said that there is no hot sleeping with this latex model. It is because the naturally porous of it is capable to circulate air better than most latex mattresses.

3. No Noise

Since it is made of latex which is equipped with mild spring, you won’t get creak or squeak noise from this mattress. Decent sleep without disturbing noise.

4. Warranty

Mattresses from IKEA, including the latex mattress come with 20 to 25 years warranty. That means, in case the mattress you purchased already worn out after usage before 20 to 25 years, you can return it and get a new one. Although many said that it is indeed won’t last for that long, the warranty of getting a new one if the one you purchased broke is for real.

5. Comfort of Sleeping

According to most customers’ experience, the IKEA latex mattress indeed provides comfort of sleeping. Just like we discussed above, it gives the comfort from its high precision cushion movement which promotes full body relaxation.

In conclusion, the IKEA latex mattress is overall get good review from customers with 80% satisfaction. While there is still 20% aside from that which is not quite satisfied by it, you may not know until you try. After all the majority got satisfied by it, so consider it yourself.