Yeti Coolers Are Expensive But The Best

Yeti Color’s hard and soft premium coolers are made for hunting, fishing, camping, boating, tailgating, business use, and more. Hard coolers are almost impossible to break and keep ice for days. And these soft coolers are the portable ice vaults you didn’t even know you needed. So, this time, please read our article to learn more about this one great product.

About YETI

yeti coolerYETI is an American company that makes products for the outdoors, such as ice chests made in the U.S., vacuum-insulated drinkware made of stainless steel, soft coolers, and accessories. Their headquarters are in Austin, Texas.
Roy and Ryan Seiders came up with the idea for YETI in 2006.

In 2012, a private equity firm called Cortec Group paid $67 million for two-thirds of the company. The company’s IPO was canceled in March 2018 due to “market conditions.” The National Rifle Association stopped buying coolers from YETI after they turned down their offer to be a vendor. Yeti called The Washington Post and said that what the NRA said was “wrong.”

Yeti’s Products

There are a lot of different prices for different things, and some coolers cost more than $500. The coolers in the “Hopper” line are made to be lighter and easier to carry. Here are some of the things YETI makes:

1. Hard Coolers

yeti hardcoolerEvery hard cooler we make is over-engineered and made to be better than the competition. With sizes ranging from “must-haves” for a road trip to “blue-water catches,” you’ll be ready to go wherever the wild takes you.

But how long does ice last in a YETI hard cooler? There are a lot of things that affect how long ice stays in a cooler, like the quality and amount of ice and the weather outside, so this is a hard question to answer. This means, in short, that there are a lot of things you can do to either make or break your ice.

Because there are so many different factors and no industry standard for measuring how long ice lasts, claims of 5, 10, or 14 days are often based on testing conditions and not on real-life situations.

To keep ice inside, Tundra® and Roadie® Hard Coolers have up to three inches of polyurethane foam insulation and a freezer-style sealing gasket.

Aside from that, here are a few tips for keeping ice in your cooler for longer. Also, if you want to know how to handle and use dry ice in YETI Hard Coolers, click here.

YETI hard coolers are made to keep things at the same temperature for a long time. This means that they will keep hot things hot and cold things cold.
Because there are so many different factors and no industry standard for measuring how long ice lasts, claims of 5, 10, or 14 days are often based on testing conditions and not on real-life situations.

2. Soft Coolers

yeti softcoolerThe things you need for the weekend have to get to that perfect place to hang out. Get a portable cooler with good insulation to make it easier.

How long does the ice stay in the YETI cooler bag? Because there are so many things that can affect how long ice lasts, YETI doesn’t make specific time claims, which are often based on testing conditions and not real-life situations.

The Hopper® Family of soft coolers, on the other hand, has features like a welded DryHideTM Shell, thick ColdCellTM Insulation, and a waterproof HydroLokTM Zipper that make them the best at keeping ice.

3. Wheeled Coolers

yeti wheeledcoolerThe Yeti Roadie Wheeled is exactly what it sounds like: the popular Yeti Roadie cooler, but on wheels.

The new design lets it come in two larger sizes than the standard Roadie, which only comes in a 24-pound capacity. These sizes are 48 pounds and 60 pounds.

But why pick this rolling cooler? We heard what the YETI Nation had to say. The Tundra® Hard Cooler’s legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power can go the extra mile with our first-ever YETI® Cooler on wheels.

No expense was spared when making this cold-keeping powerhouse, so the Tundra Haul® lives up to the name of the Tundra® Hard Cooler.

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Yeti Company spent hundreds of dollars on the new wheeled collar, and now, years later, they still won’t support accessories for a cooler that doesn’t say anything about the accessories. Because this cooler has wheels and is made to roll at an angle, it must have a divider. When it falls over, everything moves.

Yeti Cooler with Audio System

Together, Yeti and Concan radio coolers give you the best of both worlds. They keep your drinks cold and give you the best sound quality for your music. The world’s toughest and most rugged cooler just got better. Live Round Sound is excited to show off the YETI Tundra 45, which has a Live Round Sound audio system built in. This is a real YETI cooler, but we’ve added something to it that really makes an already great product even better.

We put a custom amplifier in this cooler that can make music sound as loud as a rock concert and as clear as a bell. All of this is done without wires using Bluetooth technology, which has a range of more than 30 feet. On top of this, we made a custom battery that can play music for 18+ or 24+ hours on a single charge (depending on the model), and a digital LED voltmeter on the outside lets you know how full the battery is.

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We’re also glad to say that the inside of the cooler is completely untouched. We don’t cut or drill into the cooler’s inner tub. That means there’s nothing to see when you open the lid! We’ve spent years designing and testing this sound system, so we know it will blow your mind. Don’t pass up the cooler that is the COOLEST on the market.

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A. Which YETI is the smallest?

The YETI Roadie 24 is the smallest and is ready to go on the road. The Roadie 24 Hard Cooler can hold more and takes up less space than other coolers. It’s tall enough to hold important wine bottles but thin enough to fit behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat of a car. That’s what we call a good travel companion.

B. Should you buy a YETI soft cooler?

Absolutely. The Hopper’s best features are that it is durable, easy to pack, and portable. When it comes to these three things, I’m sure it’s better than any soft-sided cooler on the market. It also beats hard-shell coolers when it comes to being easy to pack and carry.

C. How big are the YETI coolers?

Size isn’t everything, but anyone who’s tried to put a freshly caught tuna in a Roadie 24 will tell you that it sure as hell matters. Make sure you have the right gear when you go on your next adventure.

D. What is as good as a YETI cooler?

Pelican Elite Coolers is the name of the item. Most people would probably agree that the Pelican Elite line is one of the coolers that comes closest to the YETI. This Pelican cooler tries to be of higher quality than a YETI, which doesn’t always mean it can be cheaper.

YETI coolers are pretty great, all things considered. They cost a lot and are a little heavy, but they are better than the rest. So, which one fits your needs the best? It’s not easy to say. And it depends a lot on your situation and what you want. You’ll need the bigger cooler if you’re going to be traveling with a big group.

If not, the YETI Tundra 35 will work fine for you. You should also think about what you want to do. If you plan to travel and move around a lot, you will be able to get ice and supplies more often. So, the YETI Tundra 35 is a good choice for you.

If you’re going to stay in one place for a few days, the YETI Tundra 45 or YETI Tundra 50 would be best. It’s also a good idea to think about how big your car is. Which one will be the best fit? Lastly, you have to think about how much it will cost. Does it make sense to buy a bigger cooler if you don’t need it? Before you decide, think about all of these things. In the end, you’re probably going to be happy with all of them.