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Zelensky: Kyiv ready for prisoner exchange with Russia

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Former US soldier now fighting in Ukraine tells of days trapped in 'house of horrors'
Kevin, a stocky American in his early 30s, climbs over the charred rubble of a former sauna and shines the light from his iPhone through the dust.

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Satellite images appear to show Russia stealing Ukraine's grain
Exclusive satellite images from US company Maxar Technologies appear to show Russian forces stealing grain from ports in Ukraine. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports.

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Quad leaders meet in Tokyo

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Explainer: Here's what you need to know about the Quad
US President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet the leaders of India, Australia and Japan in Tokyo on Tuesday for a summit of the "Quad" nations.

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Analysis: China once dismissed the Quad. Now it's alarmed.
When the United States, Japan, Australia and India first resuscitated their informal dialogue from a decade-long hiatus in late 2017, China was confident it would soon fail.

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China issues warning after Biden says US would respond militarily to an attack on Taiwan

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'Unclear details': Analyst on US military commitment to Taiwan
Global affairs analyst Susan Glasser and military analyst Cedric Leighton join CNN's Alisyn Camerota to discuss President Joe Biden's remarks on the US intervening militarily if China were to attack Taiwan.

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Biden finds unity abroad. He's losing it at home
President Joe Biden's crusade against authoritarian leaders abroad is complicated, constantly, by the messiness of his democracy at home.

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Pence's endorsement of governor signals implicit rebuke of Trump
On the eve of Georgia's primary election, former Vice President Mike Pence had a forward-looking message of support for renominating Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

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